I Paint Myself Back!

The project, “I Paint Myself Back” offers high quality workshops for people with permanent or temporary facial damage.

People who suffered any kind of facial damage, usually cope with the change slowly and hard. Our face is the most significant identification reference, thus a scar tissue, damaged skin or even losing an eyebrow can cause long lasting psychological difficulties, such as loss of confidence, shame or reduced self-esteem. Since the picture how these people see themselves or how the world sees them has changed, they need to re-identify themselves.

I offer one on one lessons or small group workshops for people with such problems, wherein, I teach them personalised make-up techniques according to their needs and advise them about products they can use, that can help them adapting to their changed condition.
Learning and applying this new skill can speed up the process of re-identification, help rebuild confidence and at the same time create an optimistic mindset, that enhances life quality.

I believe, that being someone, who has come a long and painful way — from loosing half of my face in an accident to becoming a professional make-up artist — can serve as a genuine and first-hand example for people who are going through similar experiences.
Having also studied communication, pedagogy and psychology, gives me the foundation to approach, teach and thus help people who may be in need of such help.

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